The Third Boy Wonder
The Third Boy Wonder

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Batman: Family #8
mixeddrinksandescrimasticks-dea sent:
"You can't die. I can't lose another little brother.."

"I’msorry Dick…I-I’msorry…" 

Send me a M!A guys!

Soul: Muse has become soul-bound to someone's s muse for a maximum of one week! Muse must send the other person at least 3 asks a day, and cannot deny any request given by that muse for at least three days. Anon decided who they're bound to. (negated if the other muse doesn't agree.)
Wings: You can fly! Muse sprouts wings for up to a maximum of two weeks. Anon gets to choose how big they are( chicken wings anyone?)
Jealous: Muse becomes extremely jealous of another muse for an extremely ridiculous reason of the anon's choosing. Can last up to five days max.
Skin: Take it off! Muse's clothes have gone missing for any duration of the anon's choosing up to one week!
Tears: Muse can't stop crying. Anon decides for how long and for what reason they cry. I didn't mean to spill the milk! ;o;
Mercy: Groveling time! Muse thinks they've done something wrong and need to apologize for everything and beg forgiveness.
Master: Muse must be submissive and give into any demands they're given. I'll do anything to please you...Master.
Mask: Costume party? Muse is stuck wearing a costume of the anons choice for a up to a week.
Silence: What did you say? Muse goes mute and can only communicate in gifs and descriptive text. No dialogue. Anon decides duration.
Pure: Sex? What's that? Muse suddenly has the mentality of a three year old, and can't understand anything 'adult'. Anon decides the duration.
Cold: I'm covered in purple spots! Muse is sick for the next week. Anon decides how severe the illness is and what symptoms.
Break: My Leg! Muse has broken their leg and now needs help to take care of themselves and get around. Lasts for a week.
Someone: Now you're just somebody that I used to know~ Muse cannot remember anything about a single person for one week. Anon decides who it is they cannot remember.
Fear: Anon gets to name something, and muse will have an extremely debilitating phobia of it for one week. Bonus points if it's something ridiculous.
Mess: Muse is now filthy and needs someone to help them clean off. You dirty boy you!
Memory: Dude where's my....who am I again? Muse loses there memory and can't remember anything at all. Anon decides the duration.
Dress: Muse has to wear clothes from the opposite gender for three days. If muse is male, they muse wear a flamboyant dress. If muse is female, they wear a man's tux or suit. This includes underwear as well. Feel the breeze!
Leather: Muse must wear a leash and collar for three days. If an RPer sends this, they must be their slave for those three days. Be gentle with me...anon can chose your 'master'
White: Muse is stuck in the white room of an insane asylum for 24 hours. I'm not crazy! The purple ferrets are!
Find: No leaving the nest! Muse is found by a curious giant bird and it adopts them for three days.
Roses: Muse must propose to everyone they see, regardless of gender or species, for 24 hours. Will you be mine?
Black: Muse does blind for one week. Who turned out the lights?
Red: Muse is easily flustered and skittish. Anon decides for how long. S-senpai noticed m-m-me!
Shy: Muse is incredibly shy and clingy for three days. Don't l-look at m-me like that S-senpai-san.
Can’t Sleep: Muse cannot sleep until another person says their full name, no matter how tired they are.
Vulnerable: Muse is left tied up in a public place, for anyone to take advantage of. (Muse cannot be untied until the 5 hours are up.)
Truth potion: Muse has to tell the truth about anything asked for an hour.
Pure: Sex? What’s that? Muse suddenly has the mentality of a three year old, and can’t understand anything ‘adult’. Anon decides the duration.
Memories: Muse has amnesia. (Anon decides duration)
Sight: Muse is blind for ___
Fear: Muse will be terrified by something or someone (anon specifies who) for ___
Command: Muse has to take commands by the next _______ people in their ask (Anon specifies)
Slave: Muse becomes a maid or butler to _______ (Anon decides) for 24 hours
Infatuation: Muse becomes /madly/ in love with the next person they see on their dashboard for 4 days

Please come home.

//God sorry for being inactive 

Tomorrow’s my birthday so I promise I’ll be on after that.